Teleworking boxes

Out of sight, close of mind

Keep your employees motivated with our boxes that combine pleasure and delicacy! Teleworking, hybrid formula or end of year gifts? We have the solution to tell your employees “we’re thinking of you”.

Discover our ESAT "Vivre Autrement" which packages our eco-designed boxes

Discover our range :

box télétravail, delicorner, bien-être entreprise

Feel good box

Every quarter, we offer you delicious and seasonal products accompanied by a sweet word. An attention that is sure to cause a sensation!

box télétravail, delicorner, bien-être entreprise

Box aperitif

Your employees are teleworking but you want to bring them together for an event? Share it by video with your colleagues to remind them of the friendly spirit of the office.

box télétravail, delicorner, bien-être entreprise

The end of year box

A 100% festive offer, which includes the delicious products of the festive season: truffles, chestnut cream, spiced tea... A nice "proof of love" for your teams.

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Write the sweet note and addresses of your employees

Surprise your employees by sending them nice gifts

Bonus !

Happy workers

Our boxes are made by the ESAT of Saint-Denis with whom we collaborate daily. This organisation enables the social and professional reintegration of people with disabilities.

Thus, in addition to making your employees happy with our personalised boxes, you are participating in a solidarity action by promoting the employability of people with disabilities.

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