Cold drinks

To refresh your mind !

Discover our references of fresh and fruity drinks to boost your employees.

From the most original to the classic orange juice, from the individual bottle to the water cooler, we meet all your freshest desires.

Discover Meneau, our supplier of organic fruit juice

Discover our range :

boissons fraîches au bureau, livraison boisson, delicorner

Surprise drinks

Enjoy our 200+ references of vitamin-packed and unexpected drinks

boissons fraîches au bureau, livraison boisson, delicorner

Juice and syrup in cubes

A range of 18 tasty organic fresh fruit juices and syrups in a responsible container !

boissons fraîches au bureau, livraison boisson, delicorner

Juice machine

Enjoy freshly squeezed juice from our organic oranges and robust Sempa machines, a fruity delight!


We offer water fountains and infused waters so you never run out of hydration and vitality

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Get some cold drinks and above all stay hydrated!

The green gesture: our range offers you to reduce your waste with delicious cubes and water fountains


Bonus !

Let yourself go

At Delicorner, we have a taste for things well done. For your delicious cold drinks, we accompany you from sourcing to recycling.

Cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cups… nothing is lost, everything is transformed thanks to our partner Les Joyeux Recycleurs.


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