Our CSR commitments

Good for you, good for the world, good for the planet

We are B Corp certified !


It’s as if we’ve earned the diploma of the cool and responsible company.

This certification is real recognition of our social, societal and

social, societal and environmental commitments, right from the start.

Commitments integrated into our mission, our business model, our internal

management, our products and our service.

This certification is also a promise to continue improving our impact

and to provide you with an ever more responsible offer.


A committed offer for the planet


Sourcing responsible, organic, local, artisanal and seasonal products.

Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed


- Recover, reuse and recycle containers (jars, crates)
- Treat the waste used for compost (pomace, organic waste)

Promoting solidarity employment


- Collaboration with supportive and committed partners such as "ESAT"(disabled people) and Change Please for the coffee.
- Donation of surplus products to Restos du Coeur and associations in France.

Green delivery


Delivery in electric vehicles (as far as batteries allow) and in three-wheelers in the centre of Paris.

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We work for a better world !