Our CSR commitments

Good for you, good for the world, good for the planet !

We buy, deliver and take decisions based on their impact on our environment. It’s more than a commitment, it’s always been in our DNA.
These are the values that are at the height of our daily activity and strategy.


A committed offer for the planet


Sourcing responsible, organic, local, artisanal and seasonal products.

Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed


- Recover, reuse and recycle containers (jars, crates)
- Treat the waste used for compost (pomace, organic waste)

Promoting solidarity employment


- Collaboration with supportive and committed partners such as "ESAT"(disabled people) and Change Please for the coffee.
- Donation of surplus products to Restos du Coeur and associations in France.

Green delivery


Delivery in electric vehicles (as far as batteries allow) and in three-wheelers in the centre of Paris.

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We work for a better world !